Le Petit Marais – Au revoir

On the 9th March 2020 we sold Le Petit Marais to a buyer from Normandy. We were happy to learn from his Agent that he was a cash buyer who could complete very quickly and wanted the house as his family home. We were really pleased that Le Petit Marais would be occupied full time by a French family bringing children to the school.
Of course he did everything possible to delay completion past the year end, wanted to build five gites and applied for a mortgage because appearing to have cash was a foolish thing to do. After the compromis he commissioned a survey to justify a price reduction and refused to share the results of the survey claiming he was in dispute with the expert. The expert confirmed that he had delivered his report, as promised on 28 January.
As it happened we were lucky to complete at the last possible moment before France headed for lock down. He can’t visit from Normandie and the gates are chained up and the grass grows ever longer. I suspect he is a property developer and his plans for Le Petit Marais will give the house a new lease of life and hopefully his family will move in and help sustain St Julien de l’Escap.
Most of all I wish the house well, we had it for almost twenty nine years and thanks to the Tempete in 1999 and our rebuilding of the batiments we probably left it in a better state than we found it.
I loved the place and I share that love with all the family and friends who visited Le Petit Marais over so many years.
I miss it – every day.

11 Responses to “Le Petit Marais – Au revoir”

  1. Sally Says:

    Thank you Le Petit Marais for the many hours of pleasure (and graft) you provided over the years. Memories of such happy times will always remain.

  2. bobmottram Says:

    Thanks for the chainsaw memories Sal and the broken cue pool trophy which Paul claimed far too often.

  3. Susan Roberts Says:

    So many fabulous memories to always treasure. A very special place in our hearts. Thank you so much Bob and LPM for sharing with us. Tears in my eyes!

  4. Paul Hurst Says:

    The end of an era! Lots of happy memories and hopefully the new owner will create many more. Thank you Le Patron for sharing Le Petit Marais with my family, our workmates and friends over the years

  5. harboursa Says:

    Bob, thank you so much for allowing Sue, Meredith, Jordana and I, together with some privileged friends from Italy, South Africa and the UK, to enjoy Le Chateau du Petit Marair. It has been a privilege to visit that grande dame of a house and enjoy it and its environs and also to annoy the neighbours with my saxophone ‘playing’! We have so many happy memories of our stays as well as photographs to prove that they are not simply tricks of the mind or fantasies. Thank you so much!

  6. Lindsey Gaskin Dodd Says:

    Oh Bob how sad to finally say goodbye to Le Petit Marais! I will always be so grateful to you for so many wonderful visits there and for being able to experience such a lovely place, not just with my closest friends, but also with James and 3 of my children, we will always remember our times there. Much love, Linds xxx

  7. Gianni Cossu Says:

    Dear Bob, we will never thank you enough for having allowed us to spend so many happy days at Le Petit Marais with our dear friends. Without having deliberately decided it, many of the photos of our beloved Michela we have in our house in her memory, were taken at the Chateau, as a demonstration of the special “aura” of that magic place. So, it is every day in my eyes. Hope the new owner will love and respect it as it deserves.
    Gianni & Tommaso Cossu

  8. Matthew Barton Says:

    I feel I speak for the entirety of the Barton clan when I say, emphatically, thank you so much Bob for your efforts, generosity and the memories that Le Petit Marais has given us over the years.
    I can only hope to give my kids a fraction of the joyful memories and experience that you and the chateau have provided us. It gave us the opportunity to step out of Birmingham and into another world on school holidays, and I think this profoundly influenced my generations thirst for adventure.
    Thank you again from the Bartons and friends along the way.

  9. Elizabeth Barton Says:

    I write this with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face as I recall all the wonderful memories we created as a family at LePetit Marais. Through your generosity you enabled us to travel abroad for the first time, and I shall never forget turning through the gates and seeing the Chateau for the very first time. A truly magical moment.
    I think a little piece of our hearts still remains there.
    Cousin Liz

  10. Caroline Says:

    Bob nothing will ever compare to le petit marais! I feel forever blessed and lucky to have experienced it’s splendor and all the warmth, love, laughs and memories over the years – as a kid and ‘grown up’! I’m so grateful that you opened up your home to us, it truly was a very special part of my life and I’ll keep those memories forever! I’ll leave you and everyone with the sights and sounds of LPM as I remember it in the evening sat outside in the duskiness…

    …The continuous chink of cheap red wine bottles being thrown away

    …The pungent smell of some delightfully aged cheese whose name is written in such swirly font it is unreadable

    …The plumes of smoke from the bbq and smell of some delicious meaty goodness cooking

    …The sound of pool balls bashing together and indistinguishable yells /cheers / laughter

    …The crunch of the gravel as a car rolls down the driveway

    …The creaky sounds of the wooden shutters as someone battens down the hatches for another night of great company, great food and extremely reasonably priced wine!

    Now a new generation will get to make wonderful memories there 🙂

    Sending you a big grateful hug Bob thank you forever! Caroline of the Hurst clan xxxx

  11. Steve McKeown Says:

    Lots of emotions for us in hearing this news Bob: sadness, loss, privilege, gratitude and love. LPM grows bigger in our family’s collective memory. Thanks so much for times that deserve a better name than “holidays”. Steve, Julia, Claudia and William.

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