This blog is about ch Le Petit Marais and the people who visit. Le Petit Marais is just outside St Julien de l’Escap in Charente Maritime and has been in the family since June 1991 – a long time.

One Response to “About”

  1. Kate Hardy Says:

    Hi Bob and Chris,

    It was really great to see you last week, thanks very much for coming over to the wild borders to see us. Please tell Chris it WAS Arlene Phillips lol.

    Le Petit Marais is an amazing Bob, what a great place for weddings too, very romantic. I love the painting Kate found for Le Patron and LPT. By the way, what is the connection with Eleanor of Aquitaine? I know you mentioned her (you have probably explained in the blog but think I’ve missed it).

    Llangollen is a good halfway meeting point from the Wirral, be grand to see you both before too long.

    Love to you both – Kate xx
    Dad sends his love also.


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