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Tea light on terrace

August 25, 2010

France 2010

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Jenni took this at f4 1.3 secs – was it on t’ tripod?

Scenes de Jardins

August 23, 2010

I flew out to Limoges to join famille Connor at Le Petit Marais for Danse Martha, performed by Garance Pique.
Excellent turn-out and superb support from the tourist office and the commune. As promised the Maire, M. Emard had arranged for the spoil heaps outside Le Petit Marais to be levelled to form a car park.
The house seems to appreciate a good crowd, floodlighting and a dash of culture!
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European Court of Human Rights

August 2, 2010

Earlier this year I was at Le Petit Marais with Jack and Donny. After a few days without broadband they announced that my failure to provide broadband struck at the very heart of their inalienable right to sit around glued to a screen all day and as a result they were going to take me to the European Court of Human Rights. Donny suffered such severe withdrawal symptoms that he was reduced to sorting the tiles in Bananagram (a simple, fast version of scrabble where you don’t wait for ages for your brother to win) so he would know whether he was wasting his time hoping to pick a particular tile. See below.