Scenes de Jardins

Last year Alan Moody told me the Maire, M. Emard would like a word. I went to see him and he asked me whether I would let him nominate Le Petit Marais as a garden to be opened to the public for a day in 2010. He wasn’t sure whether the St. Jean Tourist Office would select Le Petit Marais but it would be an honour for the commune if they did. What could I say other than ‘oui, pour le commune’
I heard nothing more. On my last trip, leafing through the Mairie’s free sheet ‘Entre Nie et Boutonne’, I found the following! Click on it for a more readable version.
I’m not there in August, not sure about Chris. Steve & Hil are duty Duc et Duchesse – bonne chance!

One Response to “Scenes de Jardins”

  1. Sue Roberts Says:

    I feel a surfeit of posters coming on!!

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