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CSI St Julien

July 16, 2009

Whilst Zanna Hurst’s party was at Le Petit Marais some local jeunes invaded the house via the window in the pool room nearest the steps and proceeded to bang about whilst the girls cowered, in a brave way, barricaded in the drawing room. In order to improve their conversational French they called the Gendarmes to the rescue – hopefully they have spoken to the Maire who will have put the word out. There was some doubt as to how the youths had got in but the photograph below clearly shows mud from a trainer on the suspect window cill.

Crime Scene

Only a few days later Guy turned up to mow the parc to find the the front door wide open and the keys to the house missing. Merde! New complicated secure access to keys and new locks are a pain in the neck. Le Patron is not a happy Lapin.

All this may be just part of a general St Julien crimewave – see the excerpt from Entre Nie et Boutonne warning communards to take care,Soyez Vigilant