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The Bride

September 17, 2008

Baby Harry looks on as Sophia moves down the white carpet.

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Batiment transformed

September 17, 2008

Drapes, ivy and lighting and ivy and butterflies and ivy before the caterers arrive with glasses, cutlery and ivy.

Stage management, decorators and props

September 17, 2008

Peter, Si (who proposed to Jen in La Flotte), Brian (best man), Rob, Richard (groom), Tim (wrangler and barman), Jen (bridesmaid – who accepted), Sophia (bride) and ops director Alan take a break.

Confetti bomb

September 17, 2008

Ceremony over, the bride and groom prepare to run the gauntlet of sixty-six guests armed with confetti. The day after the wedding Sophia was gamely trying to hoover up confetti with a petrol sucker/blower.

By the Bridge

September 17, 2008

Traditional shot as bride and maids say fromage at the bridge

Alan and Angela greet the Maire and his wife

September 17, 2008

The Maire arrives to witness Richard and Sophia’s vows and give a great speech about pre-revolutionary France and the colours of the sash – blue for the revolution, white for the King and red for the city of Paris…… the precursor provinces of Aunis and Saintonge …… during the reception he also confirmed the oft repeated tale that the Germans ran the area from Le Petit Marais until driven out by the Macquis on 2nd September 1944.The Macquis then ran things from LPM until civil government was restored.


September 1, 2008

Steps, originally uploaded by Le Patron.

This is an excellent steps photo of the Hunter clan at the croft. The Canadian Hunters won’t know what they missed unless they log on to The front door is quite blue.
Le Patron