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Gormless Guest

July 30, 2008

Gormless Guest, originally uploaded by Le Patron.

There are always loads of candidates for this accolade and I’m up there with the front runners having just mislaid key 84 which has served us faithfully since 1991.
Pride of place must go to Hazel Deeley of Troon and Manchester who decided to commemorate her visit to LPM by scratching her name in the Roman stone at the top of the steps. Words fail me.

Andy’s House

July 30, 2008

Andy’s House, originally uploaded by Le Patron.

Andy partners a Morris Minor Traveller and Glyn Cowie – Pauls mum.
He has bought a house just down the road ( 17 minutes if you leg it ) from Le Petit Marais, in St Savinien. Just up from the river on the western edge of town it is easy to find. It’s the only house with a moggie parked outside.

Paul’s House

July 30, 2008

From our earliest visits in the 90’s Paul Cowie has made it quite clear that the derelict level crossing keeper’s cottage on the back road to St. Jean was his. Without so much as a by your leave  cowboys  have cleared the jungle , cleared the inside, reroofed it and fenced it off. Outrageous.

Le Petit Marais et ses batiments

July 30, 2008

Le Petit Marais et ses batiments, originally uploaded by Le Patron.

This is a fisheye picture of LPM taken with my old Olympus 8mm Fisheye attached to the Epson RD1-s with an m mount from Stephen Gandy. It is here as a test post from Flickr ’cause I think I have used up my free space on Word Press.