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Wild Life

April 28, 2008

Snake sunbathing on the parc side of the secret garden. I have never seen all these snakes and secretly hoped they weren’t there. Thanks to David Morris who enjoyed lousy weather because he was with his wife Sarah who is more of a rain and cold god(dess) than I am.

Deer disturbed from eating Alan and Angela’s wheat. Alan arranges to have them delivered so that he can make his case for a gun and lots of green clothing and become truly, madly, deeply French.

Small nuclear power station

April 9, 2008

The beast has been installed along with its sophisticated program. 2000 euros of oil registers as 20cm in the bottom of the tank – 15cm of which is probably sludge.

Easter Giraffe

April 9, 2008

A tradition in Poitou Charentes – no fish or easter bunnies for them.


April 9, 2008

Fiona is an Erskine and following a caledonian convention she called an Easter gathering of the Mottram clan to celebrate the arrival and first holiday of Finlay of many ilks. Special praise goes to the non-Mottrams who braved this affair

Doug, Sam & James

Livre d’Or scandal

April 9, 2008

Richard, Fiona, Keith, Sam, Ruth, Doug, David, Tom, Jack, Kate & James all failed to write anything in the visitors book or participate in any traditional photo on the steps or the promised tree house reprise. Only Finlay is excused on the grounds that, although pretty precocious, he can’t yet write. Here he is.