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Identity Crisis

February 28, 2008

Alan Mazeray Moody kindly took a ‘snap’ of Fabienne’s new shop in St Julien. I had last seen it as a beautiful, traditional, wooden shop front awaiting its final coat of paint once the Maire had decided what colour was acceptable. The beautiful shop front seems to have been mugged by the symbol group – what was it called again?

Hissy Fit 2007

February 14, 2008

Last year Charles Kilgannon ( the French struggle with pronouncing Sian ) had a fit of the giggles whilst watching a well known chanteur, Bernard Audi, who was singing off the back of a lorry in St. Jean. Bernard was so upset with the sound quality that he interrupted his throwing of t shirts to his groupie, threatening to walk off. Charles decided it would be disrespectful to guffaw out loud as Bernard got worse and worse so we had to beat a hasty retreat.

Uniquely this well known chanteur has only one reference on google and that is to a looky like who doesn’t look like him and hopefully doesn’t sound like him either. Here he is.


New Dawes Dawning

February 8, 2008

Some years ago everyone’s favourite bike, Chris’s 24 inch Dawes shopper was nicked from outside Champion ( now Ed ). This was very distressing for Helen who was in temporary charge of the bike and particularly for Terry Wood who had wandered off all over St Jean d’Y on his trusty steed. I have now found a replacement of sorts in an eight speed 24 inch folder – the Dahon Glide. This is indeed an excellent bike ‘tho may have come too late for TW who’s aged legs are probably only up to a gentle ride to the bakers without ever getting into top gear.