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Famous Angeriens

January 29, 2008

Old Reg of St Jean d’Angely – his statue faces the Town Hall – was a tres grand fromage in the assembly and is probably the most famous Angerien. Alan Moody would be up there with him but of course he lives in Mazeray and wasn’t born in St Jean – mind you neither was Reg.

Anyway the reason for this post is that Kate and James very cleverly found a portrait of Reg’s wife as a present for Le Patron and LPM. I shall take it out at Easter where it can soon be consumed by the mould that is rotting everything else.

Here she is:


2008 News

January 7, 2008
Thierry is currently finishing off the renovation of the central heating – the new heat exchanger had to be delivered in bits to fit through cellar doors and then be built up with a bespoke tool set supplied by the manufacturers (only just arrived).
Whilst preparing for the new kit Thierry found a leak rotting the floor in the downstairs lavatory and discovered that the only thing supporting the pan was the foul pipe – a future guest was destined to end up on the lavatory but in the cellar – a risk not specifically mentioned in my GAN insurance.
John should be on site for a major painting programme – the first since the kids painted the upstairs corridor and landing. Kate acknowledges that her decorating skills were honed on that corridor and she vowed never to work for such crap pay again.
Weather (humidity and cold) permitting John should work through the rear hall, the upstairs corridor and landing, the room next to mine and the balcony room.
Just heard from France that John is still in England with Shirley – family bereavement.
LPM’s third wedding is scheduled for mid September. This time it’s an Anglo Greek affair and the groom may arrive on a tractor ( his father is a tractor groupie ) – the bride definitely won’t.
Here is a couple of photos from the first two LPM weddings, not including Delphine’s mum who left from the LPM steps for the Mairie.